Burgess Beds at Photography Works

Burgess Beds at Photography Works

This blog is mainly made up of images because we are in love with the recent bed shoot we did for Burgess Beds .

We have done numerous shoots for this prestigious bed company, and we’re impressed every time! Their designs are so varied in colour and texture- it gives us a great canvas to work with.

So here goes…

Burgess 1993 164370 RT

Burgess 1916 149970 RT

Burgess 1993 164475 RT

Burgess 1916 150002 RT

A day in the life of Photography Works!

We told you it was going to be mainly pictures ūüôā


On location with Veromia Bridal

On location with Veromia Bridal

This shoot is definitely something to shout about!

Veromia Bridal’s latest shoot with Photography Works took place at two amazing locations in London (Thank you Shoot Factory). So much effort went into the two days,¬†with two locations prepared for the shoot. It was a bit of a squeeze, but it couldn’t have gone better. The results are fantastic!¬†

Here’s some behind the scenes and sneaky peak images!¬†




The first location, ‘Whitehouse’ (pictured above) is owned by The Prince of Poland. Made as a replicate of his Grandmother’s house in Poland, it was built by the prince himself, as his own private residence. It has elegance and luxury written all over it- perfect for this shoot!

Glen managed to sneak a snap with the man himself….


The second location was ‘Lordship’ (pictured below)- a beautiful Victorian property spread over 4 floors.¬†

We love getting out of the studio once in a while. And working in these impressive locations is a lovely bonus!

1967 Veromia Bridal Day 2 159775 POSTER RT MR


MW1291 RT

The amazing team who made the shoot possible: 

Photography: Photography Works

Makeup artist/ Agency: Alison Chesterton/ Face Agency

Dress Designers- Veromia Bridal

Location Team: Shoot Factory

‘Knitwear’ has had a re-vamp!

Knitwear Fashion

Having had Knitwear clients since day dot, and increasing our portfolio on a weekly basis, we’ve decided to give ‘Knitwear‘ it’s very own lovely section on our website! Click the image below to take a look….

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 15.58.35

We say Knit ‘wear’, but it could be anything from FASHION to product designs, like quirky toilet roll covers and kitchen utensils!


With numerous pieces of work under our belt and 25 years experience in the fashion field, we weren’t short of material to pad it out with. Plus some twitter fun along the way…


¬†Our passion is to create images, not just hit the flash button…we love seeing what crazy and wonderful things come through our door, and how we’re going to show them in their best light.

Take a look at our newly re-vamped Knitwear¬†section. We hope you like it ūüôā

Nicola Anne Bridal At Photography Works


Nicola Anne Bridal at Photography Works….

Nothing less than exquisite.

Occasionally at Photography Works, when we see impressive attention to detail, we love to shout about it and let our readers know a little bit more from behind the scenes.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Bridal designer Nicola Harvey-Rowley on numerous occasions, for a variety of her ranges, and we’ve been excited about every single project.

hatfield-back-2-rt_orig +LOGO

The designs are so perfectly intricate and each definitive in their own right.

With Nicola’s inspiration of period costume in TV dramas and theatre, it’s obvious a lot of research and work has gone into these dresses, to ensure they are nothing but splendid. Pictures above and below are from the Nicola Anne Bridal ‘Palatial’¬†collection.

‘Palatial’ adjective: resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid.


With this shoot, we wanted to enhance the meaning of Palatial, so we created a Palace theme- grand, impressive, timeless, regal, and most of all, beautiful. Whilst not taking away from the dress, we implemented some subtle stately furniture.


Nicola has been passionate about design from a young age, and for nearly two decades now, has had her designs handmade in the UK, and they are stocked in nearly 20 stores over England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, but also across Europe. We can see why the designs appeal throughout Europe- the dresses are extremely delicate and carefully vary in detail.

Find Nicola Anne’s designs at www.nicolaanne.com

King Cole at Photography Works

King Cole at Photography Works

Our regular client, King Cole, have weekly shoots with us, and with Summer coming up, we thought a few location shoots would be perfect.

King Cole provide knitting wool retailers with hand and machine made yarn, but also have various designers who create knitting patterns.

4937 ba as 2618 RT4936 fr as 2620 RT

 (Patterns by designer Jenny Watson)

We love working with King Cole- their models are always so professional, and having created such a great relationship makes the shoots all the more enjoyable.

In the UK, we always need a cardigan/ jumper on hand…even in the summer, for the breezy evenings. With there being numerous designers within King Cole, it makes the work a lot more varied. Different designers, different feel to the images, and we need to ensure we meet each individual brief.

4956 fr RT 4958 fr RT

(Patterns by Sarah Glover)

Part of our mission statement is to work closely with our clients and work with each vision individually to ensure bespoke service and results.

4976 fr RT4976 ba RT

(Patterns by Jenny Watson)

4859 fr RT 4863 Montage VISUAL & LOGO

(Patterns by designer Sue Batley Kyle)

Detail is key

Melody Maison at Photography Works

The French style furniture company, Melody Maison, have become a very dedicated and satisfied client of ours, so ¬†it’s time to shout about them and take a look at some recent images.

1896 melody maison 146934 RT

Working consistently with clients makes the next project just that little bit easier- we know the clients, they know us, we know what they like and how they like to work. This can also result in a speedier job time…which is always great for any company’s budget.

1896 melody maison 146883 RT

This 12 year old leading retailer in shabby French chic require full lifestyle shots, plus a number of detail shots, to really emphasise the beautiful detail of the furniture.

Every project is a different range of furniture, but we work with them before the shoot day to create the perfect roomset- subtle colours, contemporary feel, with a hint kitsch.

1896 melody maison 146963 RT

If you’re a furniture designer and require full roomset designs, detail shots or both, get in touch today for an immediate quote. Our 7,500sqft studio is adaptable to almost any requirement and designing these environments is half of the love at Photography Works.

Check out Melody Maison’s full range at¬†https://www.melodymaison.co.uk/

Simply Stunning Stylish Photography

Simply Stunning Stylish Photography

As soon as we created a brief with our returning client, Veromia, for this particular shoot, we knew we would be shouting from the rooftops about it as a result. 

We have used a similar setup for their range, Irresistible, in the past, and it worked brilliantly. That was a couple of seasons previous, but the new shoot will coincide nicely on their website and other media platforms.

141630 IR8316 Black 141778 IR8111A7 Navy 141965 IR1275A7 Silver Landscape 141965 IR1275A7 Silver

Their ocassionwear/ mother of the bride outfits are so stunning Рthe photography needs to be just as beautiful. The setting for the shoot is pure class. It was a bit of a tight squeeze but the images came out just as we, and the client, had hoped. 


We love our creative studio, which we call home, but getting out on location is so exciting and leaves the whole team feeling inspired!

141845 IR8624A7 Midnight Blue

When your Photography makes front page

When your Photography makes front page…


One of our specialist fields in Photography is Bridal couture, with which we have a lot of returning clients and a considerable amount of enjoyment when working on a project. Bridal shoots are made up of class, innovative ideas and stunning images as a result.

We’re very excited about a recent shoot with new client ‘House of Nicholas‘, so we’re shouting about it! The shoot was highly anticipated, as the client wanted to work with us for a while, and it’s safe to say- everyone was happy.


With a lot of their designs made up of sleek lines and modern minimalism, we felt that was a perfect brief to start off with. Not taking away from the dress, there is very little going on in the pictures (typical of Bridal photography- the dress is the star of the show), but we have managed to use some very minimal props bringing everything together.

Matching the subtle detail of the dresses, we’ve used very subtle lighting, and matching the sleek lines, we’ve created abstract lines with the background. Pure class!

Our client is more than happy with the results …they even wrote us a very generous testimonial, and used the photography for their piece in the highly recommended bridal magazine, Attire


Knitwear in Knaresborough

North Yorkshire Location Shoot

Last week, work took us to the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Knaresborough. Location shoots tend to be exciting, but this one was especially lovely…we were at Knaresborough Castle, the sun was shining and the knitwear models were all smiles.

King Cole (4)

This job was for a regular client of ours, King Cole Knitting Patterns (Sue Batley-Kyle), who wanted to vary up their shoots with a location- where better to model knitwear than outdoors?! And the weather was definitely on our side. We managed to use various areas of the castle which gave us a lot to work with- the client was more than happy.

We do have an amazing studio measuring 7,500sqft, but clients have specific requirements which we meet- if they need a location, we arrange the whole thing. If you’d like us to assist in marketing your products with Photography, please get in touch.

King Cole (6) King Cole (1)

King Cole (7)

Happy Client = Job Done!

We’ve had a re-vamp!

At Photography Works, we pride ourselves on creating just the right atmosphere for your product. Our innovative 7,500sqft studio adapts to almost any desired environment…perfect for the most luxurious furniture.

Roomsets is a huge part of what we do, so we felt the Roomset section of our website could do with some TLC. Here’s a sneak peak at¬†some of our work…click on them to check out our NEW re-vamp…



One of our recent clients is Komfi Mattresses, a high end UK client, who wanted to represent nothing but British, Innovative and Distinctive style through their marketing photography. 

Safe to say…we think we pulled it out the bag…


We were so happy to work with Komfi- the project was so precise, with each mattress having it’s own moodboard and story. With our client being so specific, our work was cut out. As well as our usual styling process, we were also asked to source the perfect beds (which obviously plays a huge part when styling mattresses). We love a challenge!

Working with Komfi and their design consultant Darren Coffey was a pleasure!

Don’t forget to visit our NEWly re-vamped site- PhotographyWorks