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Wallpapering madness..

WALLPAPERING MADNESS.. One of our favourite most recent photoshoots was for Johnstones- they wanted Commercial photographs of wallpaper samples for their 2017 collection!   So much detail and thought goes into any shoot, but we were impressed with how much thought had gone into their ideas of what they wanted. Their vision was to have simply 5 boards wallpapered that could be standing and some hanging over from the ceiling, to create shadow and depth. Our Photography Works team understood exactly what they wanted to achieve! And boy it looked good! “Stroll through our new collection”  

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Styling with Photography Works

Styling with Photography Works Click here to view video Happy New Year!! 2016 was a fabulous year for Photography Works, and we’re excited for what 2017 holds. We cover various of areas of Commercial Photography, but towards the end of 2016 we were approached to simply STYLE for a client. They had seen our work and felt we would be beneficial for their new property development.  STYLE (noun): A distinctive appearance With the development based in the heart of MANCHESTER, our stylist wanted to capture the upbeat, trendy, but relaxed personality of the city. The day was challenging and a […]

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