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When your Photography makes front page

When your Photography makes front page… One of our specialist fields in Photography is Bridal couture, with which we have a lot of returning clients and a considerable amount of enjoyment when working on a project. Bridal shoots are made up of class, innovative ideas and stunning images as a result. We’re very excited about a recent shoot with new client ‘House of Nicholas‘, so we’re shouting about it! The shoot was highly anticipated, as the client wanted to work with us for a while, and it’s safe to say- everyone was happy. With a lot of their designs made […]

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King Cole (3)

Knitwear in Knaresborough

North Yorkshire Location Shoot Last week, work took us to the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Knaresborough. Location shoots tend to be exciting, but this one was especially lovely…we were at Knaresborough Castle, the sun was shining and the knitwear models were all smiles. This job was for a regular client of ours, King Cole Knitting Patterns (Sue Batley-Kyle), who wanted to vary up their shoots with a location- where better to model knitwear than outdoors?! And the weather was definitely on our side. We managed to use various areas of the castle which gave us a lot to work […]

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