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We’re very excited to show you all some of our recent work, done for the lovely ladies over at Incorporatewear – this particular company supplies uniforms to some major high end brands, including Virgin Atlantic which was designed by the one and only Vivienne Westwood. What a pleasure it is to capture these beautiful uniforms to their full potential, and what a great job our head photographer Glen did!

Take a look for yourself, you will not be disappointed…


Not only did we do work for Virgin Atlantic but Incorporatewear also supply brands such as The Disney Store, Beaverbrooks, Tui, Costa and many more. We have chosen a few of our favourite shots (it was a tough decision) to show you, grab yourself a nice hot coffee and treat yourself to a look at these fab images.




Here are some top tips on creating the best shot and capturing the perfect moment for your Instagram page, to help you stand out from the crowd just keep reading, you’ll be a pro in no time…



Firstly, consider your lighting. Having too many shadows can make a photo look dull and lifeless, alternatively having too much light can bleach an image out, finding the perfect medium can make a photograph insta-worthy instantly.


Weather your taking a stunning selfie or a inspirational flat lay you need to find the perfect angle, not too close and not too far away, make sure you focus on the eye of the image. This can really bring out the focus beautifully.


Whatever your shooting you need to really think about the colours, if you’re staging your snap keep colours bright and eye catching, this will guarantee engagement. Outdoor images can be just as beautiful and colourful without any leg work, get yourself outdoors and don’t forget to use the #perfect hashtag!

Now you’ve read our tips you can take to social media and post at your hearts content, all while improving your followings, thank us later 😉

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